Aura Noir(NOR), The Bastard Son of Toranaga(UK), Warbastard(UK), Vortex(UK).


5th Gig

AURA NOIR – The ugliest band in the world is back! Returning to UK shores following their blistering headlining set at Live Evil Festival last year, these Norwegian black/thrash masters come to possess your soul with neck-snapping aggression! Their latest masterpiece “Out to Die” is due to be unleashed on March 23rd! Featuring members of INFERNÖ, IMMORTAL, OBLITERATION & MAYHEM!!


THE BASTARD SON OF TORANGA – Born out of the ashes of legendary band TORANAGA these UK thrash veterans return from beyond the grave! Having toured with the likes of MANOWAR, VENOM, METAL CHURCH & SABBAT (UK), TORANAGA come to Newcastle for the first time EVER since their inception in 1985! Expect crushing old-school heavy/thrash metal in the vein of OVERKILL & TESTAMENT!


WARBASTARD – Local bastards play thrash. Proper thrash, like the Germans made after they lost the war. Wrote an album in 1983, due out this year on Duplicate Records (INFERNÖ/AURA NOIR/VIRUS/etc). For fans of SODOM, SLAYER, KREATOR & DESTRUCTION. Sunglasses mandatory!

VORTEX – Hailing from the Bay Area of Durham (UK) these young whippersnappers play powerful thrashing death metal that will thrash your balls to Hell. With influences from the likes of EVILE, EXODUS, WARBRINGER & GAMA BOMB, these bastards promise a live set so heavy you’ll be shitting mullets and pissing bullets for a week!


The gig will take place at The Globe, just next to the Metro Radio Arena. Leave a shout if you need help with directions!

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