Bro (UK) Promotions and Mythology Agency are very excited to welcome the return of a deadly evil upon the Tyne – Norway’s black/thrash masters AURA NOIR!

Following on from a devastating performance earlier in the year, Aura Noir have chosen to come back and continue the assault – playing in Newcastle as their only UK show outside of Damnation Festival ( NOT EVEN A LONDON SHOW!!! :O )

This time the Ugliest Band in the World promises to bring a special setlist, featuring one or two surprises, mixing songs
old and new and maybe even some of Carl Michael’s infamous stand up! More details coming soon! Support bands already sorted and will be announced here shortly!

The show is on at the World Headquarters, so expect the show to be louder, faster and even more chaotic than before!

Doors time tbc, probably aiming for a slightly earlier finish as its a Sunday to allow people to travel home.

Tickets on sale for £12 via skiddle
or directly from



Another massive delay in updating the site, sorry. Anyone want to become the offical UK OK webmaster get in touch, facebook is probably the best. Anyways here is the list of the new announcements.

7PM. £17ADV. Paypal as a gift to or through Skiddle

Angel Witch Flyer

Press Release:
Bro (UK) in association with LIVE EVIL present: ‘INTO THE DARK’ TOUR 2012

Live Evil has teamed up with Bro (UK) and Metropolis Music to arrange for one of the most powerful UK heavy metal tours of recent times.

With a lineage dating back to 1977, South London’s Angel Witch were leading lights of the now legendary New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. The band have decimated stages around the world in recent years with arguably their best ever line-up. Angel Witch will mix all their classic numbers with choice cuts from lauded latest album released on Rise Above Records ‘As Above, So Below’.

The high-energy Swedish heavy metallers are leaders of the young heavy metal scene and incendiary live performers. The band formed in 2005 and they are set to release their third album for Earache Records in 2013.

The three-piece are one of the most lauded metal acts to appear on the scene in the last few years. This is well written heavy metal with the doomed feel of early innovators like Candlemass and are monstrous live.

Next Up

DESTROYER 666(AUS). Plus Support.
Friday 7th December.
Keep up to date with further developments on the facebook event.

And to start the new year the return of Cannabis Corpse(USA).

Wednesday 23rd January.
Newcastle Upon Tyne.
7.30pm. £10Adv. Paypal as a gift to or they will be available locally very soon!

CC Flyer


Cannabis corpse was founded by Landphil and Hallhammer in the summer of 2006. The band was a heart felt tribute to smoking pot and the most brutal band in the universe CANNIBAL CORPSE! The original demo “Blunted at Birth” was recorded in the kitchen of a shit hole apt. in “Oregon Hill” a small neighborhood in Richmond VA.
Landphil and Hallhammer wrote and recorded the songs with no vocalist in mind, but since Andy “Weedgrinder” Horn lived in the same Apt. and was known to do extreme metal vocals from time to time he was recruited. After “Blunted at Birth” was complete it was put out as the first release on the fledgling record company “Forcefield Records” The album received a great reaction so Nick was recruited to play as the live guitarist.
Many many shows followed with this line up including two Euro tours, and several treks across the U.S. Landphil and Hallhammer continued to write and record albums including “Tube of the resinated” in 2008 “The Weeding E.P” in 2009 and “Beneath grow lights thou shalt rise” in 2011.
In 2012 Andy and Nick parted ways with the band and Brent “Legion” Pergason was recruited as the new live guitarist and Landphil took over vocal duties. The band continues forward with no end in sight! Stay tuned for more brutality!


Not much is known about Ghoul as they are always seen wearing masks. The members go by the stage names Cremator, Fermentor, Digestor, and Dissector. The band has a large line-up of characters in their lyrics, including the four of themselves. Most of the information about them comes from the “Curio Shop Owner” one of the many characters mentioned in their songs. They claim to be mutants that came from Creepsylvania. Ghoul was signed after self-releasing a demo. Their musical style is best described as a blend of thrash and death metal with death metal vocals and lyrics.


Formed in 2010, Desolator are a 3 piece thrash metal band from Southampton. Playing stripped down, no nonsense thrash metal, our only aim is to DESOLATE!


So its been a massive long time since our last up here at UK central, loads of stuff is/has been happening behind the scenes – we aint dead quite yet.

Back to May when we hosted the absolutley raging Aura Noir. Firstly thanks to everyone who came down and supported the gig, crazy having a band like that in Newcastle and crammed on The Globe stage! Massive UK OK! Chant to the guy who fell through the bar while banging! Also huge thanks to Vortex for thrashing and the lend of the kit! Also Warbastard and The Bastard Son of Toranaga. It was a class night and the headliners went away with a real positive vibe from Newcastle, so cheers everyone!

Couple of videos from the night:

Aura Noir

The Bastard Son of Toranaga

Since then UK, UK and UK have been broing loads a bands to get them over to Newcastle and here is what We have booked so far:

In conjunction with Bones Brigade Records and Doomstar Bookings:


Relapse Records Grindcore blokes KILL THE CLIENT

with tour support from Finnish hyperblasters FEASTEM

UK support Preston awesome The Day Man Lost and local bros Rat Faced Bastard and Prolefeed.
Monday 15th October at The Globe.

This is the only northern UK date, one not to be missed for sure.
Facebook Event.

After that we have a killer Thrash/Death metal night on Saturday 2nd February at World Head Quarters. With a one off UK date by the ever awesome Norweigian Speed Thrash Drunks Deathhammer, in support of the surperb new album Onward to the Pits. Also the only date outside of London for Brazilian Black/Death malestrom Sodomizer and Venom worshipers Hellkommander. Germanys newest Death Metal bros Chapel of Disease dragging the stench of corpse through the UK as part of there first ever UK tour. Urgh indeed. The full details of the gig can be found here.

Then exactly a month after that the inarrugal brofest hosting the best in new and old school nwobhm. Click here for full details.

So thats the news out of the way, frantically working on more gigs and updating all the website. Follow us on facebook, twitter, tumblr etc keep spreading the word bros! Keep it ok Uk!

Volture(USA) Gig and Hellkrusher(UK) Interview

Thanks to all the ‘bangers young and old who came down to support the gig! Was a fun but rather stressful night, cheers to Wytch Hazel/Tysondog/Spartan Warrior and Volture. A few photos from the night:

Wytch Hazel

Photo’s by Peter Smith


Photo’s by Peter Smith

Spartan Warrior


Photo by Stu(Short Hair UK)


Photo’s by Peter Smith

If anyone has any more photos/footage please drop us a line! Here is a new track by Volture, its not from the Newcastle gig, but so what!

Also just updated the interviews page with an interview with Scotty from Hellkrusher, have a read! Next up is the DOOM gig, then the big one, AURA NOIR!

Hope to see everyone down and having a good time!

Cheers. Stu(long hair UK)


So we have finally got ourselves together and are starting to pull the website into something worthwhile. Which includes our;
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Please check them out, and add/like us etc. More updates/merch/gigs, hopefully soon!

Check out some tracks from the headliners from our upcoming gigs!

First up

Second up

Third up

Cheers and lets get involved!